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Frederiksberg Garden

Louise Rick is in her mid-thirties. She was born and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Her apartment is on the fourth floor of a building in Hollændervej, Frederiksberg, a lovely historical neighborhood.

Almost every morning, she runs in the Frederiksberg Garden, a big, beautiful park.


Louise is tall—5’ 9”—with a slim and sporty build. She has green eyes, bright skin, and long, dark, curly hair, which she often wears in a ponytail. She doesn’t wear much makeup, sometimes just a little mascara; she doesn’t have hours to spend getting ready for work.

Louise usually wears jeans, long sleeved t-shirts, and sneakers; she’s not a fashionista. She doesn’t think much about her appearance, but sometime she wishes she was a bit more lady-like.

Social Life

 Louise doesn’t have a huge network of girlfriends, and she avoid invitations to “girls’ nights” that involve dinner conversations all about stupid husbands, or “single girl” cocktail parties designed to facilitate one-night stands. Overall, she is more comfortable in male company.

Louise prefers beer to wine, and tea to coffee.



When Louise was 11, she and her family moved to Lerbjerg, an area about 3 miles from the small (5,000 residents) town of Hvalsø, which is about 35 miles west of Copenhagen.

Louise went to school in Hvalsø.

Louise’s younger brother, Mikkel is married and has two children. He lives with his family 8 miles from their parents.


Louise’s relationship with her boyfriend Peter lasted for eight years. Peter got a job in Aberdeen, Scotland and hoped Louise would follow him there, but she did not. When he came back to Copenhagen, he moved into her apartment, but that didn’t work out.

Now, Louise lives alone, and she really appreciates that she can do whatever she likes, whenever she likes, and if she wants to work late, she doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone.

Louise likes living alone, and she has never felt unsuccessful because she doesn’t have a husband and kids.

Part of the reason she doesn’t miss having children is that she has Markus, Camilla Lind’s son. They have a special relationship; she is his “aunt,” and she spends a lot of time with him.

Louise and Camilla Lind


Louise met Camilla Lind when they were 17 and both attending a 3-year post-high school program at Roskilde Amts Gymnasium.

At that time Camilla lived in Roskilde, the medieval capital of Denmark, where she grew up.

Camilla separated from Markus’ father, Tobias, when Markus was just 18 months old. As a journalist, Camilla often works late and because her own mother lives a 4-hour drive away, Louise often helps with babysitting Markus.


Louise’s mother, Stine, is a ceramic artist, who can often be found covered in clay from head to foot, sharing her thoughts on any topic imaginable. Her father, Troels, is an ornithologist; he edits the monthly Danish Ornithological Society magazine, and is as reserved as Stine is outgoing.

When she was growing up, Louise was sometimes a bit embarrassed by her mom, and often wished her dad was as engaged with her and her brother as he was with the birds he studies and protects.


Copenhagen Police Headquarters

After Louise graduated from high school in Hvalsø (she was 16) and completed the 3-year program in Roskilde, she attended the National Police College. At 26, she graduated with honors, and began work at the national police headquarters in Copenhagen.

In 2003, Louise became a homicide detective. Following her solving a case in Roskilde (described in CALL ME PRINCESS), she attended an FBI course in hostage negotiation, and she joined the Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (PET), the Danish Security and Intelligence Service.

The PET’s Negotiator Group provides assistance in cases involving kidnapping and hostage situations. Negotiators make contact with perpetrators to gain control and an overview of the situation, and lay the foundation for a peaceful resolution of any given situation.

Louise is still an important member of the homicide department. In ONLY ONE LIFE, she assists the Serious Crime Squad on a murder case in Holbæk.

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